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T  E  A  C  H  E  R  S

Leading this journey will be President of Streams Ministries, John E. Thomas, who was personally mentored by John Paul Jackson ( Streams Founder ) and with him comes a wealth of wisdom and discernment well beyond his years. John has traveled the world, teaching and ministering in the prophetic realm for over 20 years, so you can be assured that every session will be Holy-Spirit led and filled, in tune with the Father's heart for you and the church as a whole.


In prior years, Streams Academy has had the privilege of hosting honored guest teachers who were hand-selected for their integrity, unique prophetic insights, and ability to impart + activate the gifting in others.  Individually and collectively, the teachers in Streams Academy bring a level of mastery and excellence in their ministry that can and will provide the support, encouragement, and clarity necessary for powerful insight and transformation.


President  |  Streams Ministries International

John and his wife, Dawna, were radically saved out of the drug culture in 1996. Personally mentored by John Paul Jackson, they have been on staff or worked alongside Streams Ministries since 2004. After John Paul passed away John began to work more closely with the Streams leadership and in 2016 was asked to become the President of Streams Ministries International.


With John’s background as a pastor and minister in various settings around the world, John has a unique perspective on prophetic ministry and the global body of Christ.

He desires to see the Church rise up in her authority, in the full power of the Holy Spirit, and his passion for God’s heart undergirds everything he does. He is radically committed to helping the Bride of Christ respond with fervent devotion to the One who called her.

john e thomas color.jpg

A L L  M O D U L E S

John E. Thomas

Senior Pastor  |  The Bridge Metrowest Church

Paul David currently serves as the Sr. Pastor at The Bridge Metrowest in Natick, MA. He grew up in church but was impacted by revival, was discipled, and released to help steward a revival culture as a worship leader and pastor for over twenty years.

As an international leader, speaker, equipper and kingdom builder, he carries a catalytic prophetic anointing that is released through his passion for the Word of God, creative worship and the compassionate heart of the Father in Christ Jesus. He serves on the boards of multiple organizations including Streams Ministries, is a commissioned apostle on the Apostolic Team of Harvest International Ministries (HIM), and recently obtained a Doctorate in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology from Wagner University

Paul David and his wife, Debbie, and son, Ryley, live and love their local and extended church family across New England and around the world.

M O D U L E  0 1

For over thirty-five years Bonnie and her husband, Mahesh, have been leading Chavda Ministries International, a worldwide apostolic ministry with a vision to proclaim Christ’s kingdom with power, equip believers for ministry and usher in revival, preparing for the return of the Lord.

The Chavdas have been reaching the nations with the gospel accompanied by signs and wonders. Hundreds of thousands have come to salvation and thousands have received healing from critical diseases like AIDS and cancer through their ministry--many of which have been medically documented, including healings of Stage IV cancer, the lame, deaf and blind as well as the resurrection from the dead of a six-year-old boy.
Together they pastor All Nations Church in Charlotte, NC, have produced many useful tools for believers including several books, and spearhead a global prayer movement, The Watch of the Lord®, where they have been leading their congregation in weekly corporate prayer for more than a decade.

CoFounder  |  Chavda Ministries International


M O D U L E  0 2

M O D U L E  0 3


Founder  |  Mantle of Praise Ministries

Marc has served in various forms of church leadership for over 25 years, including teaching, preaching, counseling, evangelism, church planting, and authoring several books. As Founder of Mantle of Praise Ministries, Inc., he has been ministering on an international level, functioning in a prophetic “Barnabas ministry” of encouragement in conferences, seminars, and churches of varying denominations all over the world, including Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, the United States, Canada, Mexico, the British Isles, Asia, and Australia.

His ministry focus is in six areas: Revival; The Father heart of God; Intimacy with God; Unity in the body of Christ; Knowing the times and seasons; and Restoration for the traditional church.

Marc and his wife, Kim, reside in San Diego, CA where Marc is also on staff at Foothills Christian Church in El Cajon, CA and actively involved with many local ministries in a variety of different churches.

Paul David Guidry
Bonnie Chavda
Marc Dupont

M O D U L E  0 4

Will Ford, Director of the Marketplace Leadership Major at Christ for the Nations Institute and co-founder of 818 The Sign, is known internationally for his family heirloom passed down through history and its connection to slavery and prayer for freedom.

As a leader in the prayer movement, Will uses this "prayer bowl" as a catalyst for mobilizing prayer and teaching about intercession, revival, and societal transformation. He believes the prayers of a godly remnant of all races--revivalists and abolitionists--brought revival to America and ultimately ended slavery. Receiving their mantle from yesterday, Will is actively training a new generation to release justice to the most marginalized today.  

He and his wife, Dehavilland, reside in Dallas, TX with their four children.

CoFounder  |  818 The Sign

Will Ford

Associate Pastor  |  Christian Center of Shreveport

Jon is home grown, born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and is currently serving as an associate pastor at Christian Center Shreveport. Prior to that, Jon faithfully served as a Youth Pastor for seven years.

He is passionate about many things and well-versed in many topics but his one steady constant is his love for prophetic evangelism and reaching the lost. Knowing how to wield prophetic and dream interpretation as evangelistic tools, Jon and his team are skilled at inviting people into an encounter with the Father heart of God, both inside and outside traditional church walls.

Jon loves to study the Word of God and desires to see the Body of Christ functioning as a whole, fully embracing the "Whole Word" of God. Jon also has a gift to train and equip and isn't afraid to use it, traveling regularly to the nations, equipping believers in the prophetic as well as teaching dream interpretation.

Jon West

M O D U L E  0 5

Justin is the president and founder of Perpetual Springs Ministries. Husband, father, and lover of the Godhead he ministers with a heavy prophetic edge through teaching, training, and equipping the body of Christ to hear the voice of God and release the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Justin operates in a unique boldness that releases the gift of faith in individuals who seem to feel like a victim of circumstance. There is a great grace on his life to administer revelatory prophetic vision plainly and in a fashion the believer can run with. Justin's heart is to see the kingdom released in all nations and people restored through pure and powerful prophetic ministry.

Over the past four years he has been traveling nationally and internationally with Dr. Randy Clark and Global Awakening where he was mentored and ordained as an Associate Minister of Global Awakening.

President  |  Perpetual Springs Ministries

Justin Allen

M O D U L E  0 6


Founder  |  Jamie Galloway Ministries

Jamie Galloway carries a revival message that imparts a lifestyle of the supernatural. After receiving a powerful encounter with God, Jamie Galloway immediately began an incredible journey into the supernatural. During this time, God began using Jamie in some very unusual ways, giving him a love for the word of God, and a rich level of communion with Jesus.

He ministers, speaking nationally and internationally, and is currently involved in various media projects that highlight the supernatural move of the Holy Spirit.

jamie galloway.jpg

M O D U L E  0 5


Prophetic Catalyst & Teacher

Robin McMillan served as the Senior Pastor of Morning Star Fellowship Church in South Carolina for ten years. He believes that the next Great Awakening of the American church is already in its infancy. His passion is to awaken her to the power of the Spirit and enable believers to discover how to access the realm of the heavens so that they may enjoy the presence and power of God.

With a unique preaching style, prophetic giftings and a desire for a release of God’s power, outpourings of the Holy Spirit and demonstrations of power often accompany his ministry. Robin and his wife, Donna, have four grown children, two who are married, and they have one grandchild.

robin mcmillan.jpg

M O D U L E  0 3

Jame Galloway
Robin McMillan

Founder  |  Ana Werner Ministries

Ana Werner and her husband, Sam, currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri. They have two precious kids that keep them busy and collectively have ministered in over thirteen different nations. They were both called by God for missions and ministry at a young age. As a seer, Ana moves in the prophetic and healing gifts, and teaches on seeing in the supernatural with Jesus around the globe.

Her transparency as she shares on the realities and experiences she's had in heaven always bring the Holy Spirit and power of God into the room with healing, signs and wonders.  

She shares, “My deepest desire by sharing about Heaven is for people to grow more in love with Jesus, step into freedom, and live life to its fullest for Him! He is worthy of all our love! Intimacy with Him brings healing, brings freedom—and freedom
brings joy!”

ana werner.jpg

M O D U L E  0 4


Prophetic Teacher

Lisa moves with a prophetic gifting and is passionate about touching the lives of people through the interpretation of dreams, prophecy, and teaching how to hear the voice of the Creator. She has the ability to see peoples' talents and enjoys helping them to become fully aware of and walk into the potential God has planted within them.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Education, certified as an Instructor level facilitator for Streams Ministries, and ordained by John Paul Jackson (Founder of Streams Ministries), Lisa leads outreaches, nationally and internationally, equipping others to make a significant impact in the culture they have been placed in.  

She resides in Houston with her husband, Mark, and two children.

M O D U L E  0 5

Ana Werner
Lisa Matschek
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